Ever since Poppe Lupus decided to devote his existence into solving peculiar puzzles he started an endless pursuit: to express a particular and unique point of view capable enough to withstand this delirious world. Therefore, reality itself has become the main engine that drives him forward.
You may also call him an "artist".


- To develop visual art pieces/concept designs for entertainment business, focusing on games and editorial market.
- To develop philosophical visual art pieces which will help people being able to think critically.
- To develop original games craftily scripted.
- To create remarkable art.
- To inspire others to do the same.

- Traditional drawing, painting and inking.
- Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.
- Perspective, compositional structure, human and animal anatomy, color theory, dynamic drawing and storytelling.
- Strong development of original concept design, subjectively composed illustrations and experimental sequential art.
- Self-taught in almost everything that is proposed to do.
- Able to learn about softwares and different matters very fast.
- Very strong creative sense.

- Mixed Media(digital and traditional).
- Robot and oneiric designs.
- Strong speed drawing.

Professional Experience:
- Commissions (Illustration and Fine Art).
- Conceptual illustration.
- Industrial Design.
- Fashion Design.
- Interior Decoration Assistance for TV commercial.
- Webdesign for japanese stores' websites.
- Conception and development of all the design and visual interaction for this website.
- Featured in Cubo Collective Art Exhibition March 2013 - Brazil.